Loughborough shopping centre switches on to latest energy efficient lighting

A LOUGHBORUGH shopping centre has boosted its green credentials by switching on to new energy efficient lighting which is set to save £20,000 a year.

Senior bosses at Carillon Court Shopping Centre have invested £80,000 converting to LED lighting in the 342-space car park at the busy retail hub.

The new lower wattage lights will not only slash energy bills at Carillon Court but are expected to last more than a decade longer than the old lights and save 50 tonnes of CO2 every year – the amount produced by 10 cars in a 12 month period.

Baljit Kooner, Carillon Court Manager, said: “While it is comforting to know we are saving money on running the shopping centre, it is great to swap to this new form of high-tech, energy efficiency lighting and ensure we are also thinking about our responsibility to the environment too.

“It is all part and parcel of our commitment to improve and invest in Carillon Court for the good of our shoppers, some 4m a year, and the good of the community of which we are an integral part.

“I think our shoppers will notice the difference too because the new lights have literally lit up the car park. They are much brighter which is important in helping our visitors feel more secure when they use our car park.”

The new lights were supplied and installed by energy company LEDCorp, part of the international Winch Energy Group, which has installed LED lighting technology into major landmark building such as the 17th century Dulwich College which boasts former pupils such as legendary explorer Sir Edward Shackleton and celebrated writer PG Wodehouse.

Sam Brockington, LEDCorp Project Manager for the Carillon Court installation, said: “Lighting matters in today’s world when we need to look at energy use and its management.

“The replacement of traditional lighting with energy efficient LED lighting will revolutionise the way we consume energy. It is a cleaner lighting technology, cutting carbon emissions and providing a whiter light.

“By installing this lighting, Carillon Court really are at the forefront of the latest and greenest technology.

“It not only means a 63 per cent saving in terms of energy and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the lights but will also contribute significantly towards the centre’s efforts to be run in a more sustainable way which is not only important for Carillon Court but also the community it serves.”