International adventurer Rosie stops off at Loughborough shopping centre on 200 mile run for charity

AN INTERNATIONAL adventurer who set a world first by running solo around the globe will drop in at a Loughborough shopping centre on her latest charity fundraiser.

Rosie Swale Pope MBE, 67, will arrive with her faithful cart Icebird at Carillon Court Shopping Centre in Loughborough at noon on Wednesday April 30.

Rosie, who ran 27 marathons in 27 days aged 63, will be midway through her 200-mile run from London to Rotherham when she is welcomed to the shopping centre by Carillon Court Manager Baljit Kooner and The Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor Sandie Forrest.

Shoppers are being encouraged to join in the welcome to Rosie and enjoy a meet and greet with the famous adventurer who is also a renowned motivational speaker.

She will be accompanied by her survival sled Icebird in which she carries everything she needs to be entirely self sufficient during her travels, often sleeping on grass verges by the roadside along her route.

Rosie, whose other adventures include crossing Chile on horseback, sailing solo across the Atlantic in a 17-foot boat and running 1,000 miles across the lava fields and glaciers of Iceland, said: “I am really looking forward to meeting the lovely people of Loughborough.

“I have always been impressed by Loughborough’s sporting spirit which is a bit different to an old plodder like me who takes her time a bit more.

“When I started my journey to reach the London startline for this run, I was having quite a lot of problems with my knee but it is a bit like Lazurus, it has come back from the dead, and it is feeling so much stronger now which is a very good indication of how positive I am feeling about my run.

“I have already met lots of lovely people and they are really the reason I am doing this. I am always impressed by how kind and helpful people are. I am just an ordinary person who wants to give something back.”

Rosie’s latest voyage on foot is in aid of several charities including; PHASE Worldwide, a UK charity improving health, education and livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged populations in isolated Nepalese Himalayan villages, Emmaus Sheffield, which provides a safe and welcoming place for homeless people and Naina’s Leg Fund, which was set up by the family of Naina Dickens-Chauhan who had her leg amputated during her brave battle with cancer and died from the disease last year. The charity supports other children with cancer.

The final charity which Rosie will be running for is Macmillan Cancer Support which supported Rosie and her much-loved husband Clive who died from prostate cancer in 2002.

It was Clive’s death which prompted Rosie’s epic, global, 20,000 mile run over five years which included three packs of wolves and 53 pairs of shoes.

During her solo, unsupported journey, which took her through extreme and isolated environments like the Siberian forests to the hustle and bustle of New York City, she was followed by wolves, knocked down by a bus, confronted by bears, and came close to freezing to death.

But her desire to do something positive following the death of Clive and raise awareness of the disease which took him from her meant she found her way back home again safely to Tenby where her journey had started.

Rosie said: “I still feel Clive is around and I miss him desperately. I know he would be worried about me going off and doing all these things but secretly I know he would be pleased too.

“Macmillan nurses are fantastic. When you are the person dealing with cancer, there are lots of things you don’t want to talk to your close family about because it is upsetting for them and this is where Macmillan nurses step in.”

To date, Rosie has raised in the region of £250,000 for charity. While she is in Loughborough she will be available to give motivational talks to schools, organisations or businesses.