Gardens will be in bloom soon thanks to Cino Café

LOUGHBOROUGH’S gardens and allotments will soon be looking blooming lovely thanks to a Carillon Court coffee shop.

Rather than throw out used coffee grounds, staff at Cino Coffee are saving the used organic material and handing bags of it, free of charge, to gardeners for use as a soil improver.

Coffee shop owner, Eustachio De Feo, says the idea is already proving popular with green-fingered town folk.

Eustachio, who is of Italian decent but was born and raised in the town, said: “Adding used coffee grounds to soil apparently helps lower the acidity and it can really help improve soil.

“Rather than throw our used coffee grounds out with the rubbish we are happy to save them and hand packages of it to any keen gardeners, free of charge of course, for use in their gardens.

“And, as we end up with around 10 kilos of used coffee grounds a week, we always have plenty of coffee grounds available. So I’d encourage gardeners to pop in, enjoy a coffee and pick up some free soil improver at the same time.”

Baljit Kooner, Carillon Court Manager, said: “I think this is a great idea of Eustachio’s. We are all fans of reusing and recycling so I would definitely encourage our green fingered shoppers to enjoy a coffee and collect some free goodness for their gardens at the same time.

“Spring is not too far away and so now is just the right time to be thinking about your garden! Why not think about it over a cappuccino?”

Eustachio added: “I heard of other coffee outlets doing the same in other areas of the country and apparently the results, according to gardeners, have been very encouraging.

“It makes sense if you think about it. It’s organic material and certainly can’t do soil any harm. It will be brilliant to see Loughborough full of flowers in the summer and knowing Cino Coffee played a part!”

One keen horticulturist who says she’ll be giving her soil some Cino Coffee TLC is retired university cleaner, Linda Sharpe.

She said: “I’m quite a keen gardener and love to potter about. I particularly enjoy hanging baskets and like to make my own jammed full of fuchsias and other colourful plants.

“I’m going to add coffee grounds to my hanging baskets and see what effect it has. If it works well I’ll definitely continue with it. I have tried other ideas in the past such as lining baskets with old woolly jumpers.

“I have never heard of using coffee grounds as a soil improver before but I’m definitely going to give it a go. I think the idea makes a lot of sense and must be better for the environment.”

She added: “My husband, Richard, is also quite a keen gardener and looks after our borders. I suspect he will be keen to give it a try too.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea of Eustachio’s and can only be good for the environment. It certainly can’t do any harm. Perhaps other cafés and restaurants will take a leaf out of Cino Coffee’s book and will soon be doing the same.”